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*Strawberry Kiss*
The Cliques/Fanlistings


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Check out the cool cliques and fanlistings I'm a part of...!

I'm a singer/song-writer

I found myself when I found you

I'm a dancer

I'm into a guy's lips

Tale As Old As Time : The Little Mermaid

I Love Boys

I'm a Crazy Girl

Maybe I'll Find my Romeo

Hopeless Romantic

Carebear Clique

All You Need is Love

Sum 41 Fanlisting

Always Wondering

Easily Amused

Blonde Moment

Avril Fanlisting

Krispy Kreme Fanlisting

Absorbency: Spongebob Clique



Avril Lavigne Fanlisting

Legally Brunette Clique

Michelle Branch Fanlisting

Star Wars Characters Fanlisting

Speak Up!

Josh Hartnett Fanlisting

I'm a Dog fan

LOVE Cheese

Soluna Fanlisting

Addicted to AIM