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*Strawberry Kiss*
The Cheer Squad


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My cheer team!

Welcome to Galaxy Cheer's Senior All-Girl Cheer/Music team of 2003-2004!

I'm sooo excited for this year. It's going to be so great. Our team started off really bad and in just a month, we've really pulled ourselves together. We are learning so much and we've been working super hard for almost three months now. I seriously have no doubt we're gonna kick some butt this coming year.
Here're some of the competitions we're planning on going to...
DECEMBER 6, 2003: UCA Regional. Will be held at Thomas Jefferson High School.

JANUARY 10, 2004: Sequoia Invitational. Will be held at Sequoia Jr. High.

JANUARY 17, 2004: Spiritfest 2004! Held at Oak Harbor High School.
JANUARY 31, 2004: Emerald Cup Competition.

FEBRUARY 28, 2004: Galaxy Cheer Challenge.

MARCH 5 - 7?? 2004: UCA West Coast Championship in San Diego, CA.

MARCH 9, 2004: Power Athletics Open National Cheerleading Championship.

MARCH 12 - 16, 2004: UCA NATIONALS in Orlando, Florida.

My girls, my friends, my squadmates
Sasha Anderson
Brittney Birkland
Rachel Cain
Stephanie Emery
Erin Gilmore
Brenda Hattingh
Danielle Jacobsen
Taylor MacLean
Morgan Mankis
Holly Nelson
Autumn Niemi
Holly Patton
Sarah Perrigo
Jessica Quinton
Calli Rillos
Sarah Stuart
Carly Terhune
Emily Waitman
Melissa Wentz

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