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*Strawberry Kiss*
The Blog

All right... this is where I'm bloggin' from now on...

August 3 @ 7:18 PM
    Hola! Today was pretty boring. We went to Seattle to see the Blue Angels in the airshow. That was pretty much the only cool thing. Later, drove around Woodinville. I'm practicing to drive for my drive test next week. Kyle and I were always saying that we'd get it before each other... but I know I'm gettin' mine first. Hehe! I got a job application at TJ Maxx. Saw Beth and Maggie there. They didn't see me though. And I'm bringin my application to Red Robbin's tomorrow around noon cuz they said I'd probably get hired since most people are leavin' for the new school year. And I Can work during the school year... so that's great! I'd LOVE to work there!
     Man... 33 days til school starts. GRRRR... want it to start NOW! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!
July 31 @ 6:44 PM
    I am SO glad that today's the last day of July. Tomorrow's the first day of August and I am SO thankful. This summer is just WAY too long... and we're all gettin' bored of it. I've been doing absolutely nothing these past few days. Well, went over to Carly's yesterday. And she was over for awhile yesterday too.
    I've been talking to Kyle a lot. We haven't actually seen each other yet this whole summer, but we've talked practically everyday for at least an hour (if not more). It's really great. Cuz now he's not Just the guy I'm totally crazy about, but he's like, my best friend too. I can tell him things without worrying that he's gonna tell everyone. And he really tells me stuff too. So I'm just glad our friendship is really growing.
     I've been studying the book so I can take my test to get my license. CUZ I SWEAR THAT I AM GETTIN IT REAL REAL REAL SOON!!!!
July 28 @ 9:26 PM
    Wow... this is like the first time I've updated or written in my blog during the night time. I went to the zoo this morning. LoL. I was supposed to go to the beach, but the weather turned out to suck. So my parents took my brother and I to the zoo instead. Sondra came with me. We had so much fun. It was a lot of walking... and I wore the wrong shoes. But oh well! All these guys were checking Sondra out. LoL. She was so sure they were checking me out too. Yah... suuuure.... LoL. But even if they were, it really wouldn't matter. I don't care anymore. : )
     I can't wait til Laina gets back. When she does, we're planning on hanging out with just the 4 of us... like the last day of school. It's gonna be a blast, no matter what we do. Hehe!  Man... I've just been in, like, the BEST mood lately! Well, for the whole entire damn summer! *Sigh* It's the greatest. Agh, what is the matter with me?! I'm SUCH a happy person... it's freaking me out!
July 25 @ 11:19 AM
    Hi! I'm in an unbelievably good mood this morning! I'm gonna have fun today... for the first time since FOREVER!!! I'm goin' to the movies and hanging with my friends today. It was all Ross' idea. Yea! I LOVE Ross (not that way). He's like, THE best friend... well, among my other best friends. Hehe. But he's one of my favorite people in the world.
     Man, I worked so hard on my link me banners yesterday. Well, okay, it wasn't really hard work. Just took A REALLY LONG time to upload... cuz my computer is crappy. The scroll bars are pink now. Yea! Puts me in a cheery mood. Hehe!
     I get to see my girl Sondra tomorrow! YEA! You gotta check out her website... it looks GREAT! What can beat NYC?? Hehe!
     Let's see... I guess I'm done here. Don't really have much to say. So... see ya!
July 22 @ 10:11 AM
    Okay, hi! Haven't updated in a few days... but hey, it's all good. Anywayz, yah. Hmm... what to say. Oh yah, went to the Bite of Seattle yesterday. It was actually really fun... although really hot! Saw Katie Pillers there with some guy. Saw Sarah Durnford. And! I ran into Amy! Well, she saw me first. I went over to talk to her for awhile. She was with Chris, Karl, and Mina.
    Watched the girl group Soluna perform. They were actually really good! And SO beautiful too! All the guys were drooling. LoL. Even got to meet them. Really nice, normal girls. Got a poster autographed. It was cool. And a pic with them too. I need to make a picture page of all the celebs I met. I know I already did... but it's not working too well. I'll make another one... a better one.
     My cousins Alex and Anthony spent the night yesterday. Good... cuz now my brother and I won't die of boredom. Haha. Hmm... let's see... got a call from Laina yesterday... but didn't get a chance to talk to her. Oh well. She's gonna have to call me back cuz I already called her. Of course, where was she when I called her? At NICK'S. Why was I SO not surprised???
July 18 @ 8:46 AM
     Wow, I'm ususally up early nowadays, but I'm actually sorta tired today. *Yawn* I HAD to wake up cuz the workers next door were pounding something and so it was either wake up and go upstairs to a quietness... or try to go back to sleep listening to all the banging!
      Anywayz, today's another day at home... boring. I get the rest of my pics from the last day of school today... along with my pics from New York and the beach. So that's at least one thing to look forward to. I have no idea what is up with me and pictures. I'm obsessed. I should be some photographer or something. Nah... not me.
      Well, taking my drive test sometime next week. I'm sacred. I haven't driven in two weeks!!! I'm just paranoid I guess. Need to study for the written too... but Kyle's gotta come over first!
      Okay, that's all for now. I'll write more later.
July 17 @ 10:31 AM
   Man... I need to take a break. I've been so overly obsessed with working on my site lately. Dunno why. Maybe cuz I actually Like my site... while with my other ones, it was just like, "Yea! I have a site!" and then later, it's like, "I'm bored with it..."
   I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was go on the computer to work on my website. I haven't even eaten breakfast or brushed my teeth or anything yet. Ugh... I feel really gross... but yet, I'm really happy! For some weird reason, I've Been really happy and stuff for the past... I dunno... month? I mean, I'm always happy, yah, but this is a different type of happy. The feeling where when you smile, it's not Just a smile... eh... nm, don't know how to explain it. You'll just have to take my word on it.
   I made Jen a fansign for her site today. Her site is just sooo awesome, who Couldn't like it?! So, hope she got it okay. Wasn't sure if the attachment worked. Arg.
    YEA! I don't have to baby-sit anymore! YEA YEA YEA! So now I get to stay up late and wake up late. Awesome.
    I'm hopefully gonna take my driving test sometime next week. That means, this week I gotta study and practice real hard... cuz I REALLY WANT MY LICENSE!!!
July 16 @ 9:41 AM
     All right... it's almost 10 in the morning... usually I wouldn't be awake at this hour... especially during the summer. I was supposed to have a baby-sitting job today... and for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately, I never wanted to take the job in the first place, but my mother made me take it. Fortunately, my client never showed up... so I'n guessing and hoping that the job is over with. I just need to find a real job... out in the real world! I don't wanna be cooped up at home the whole summer... that'd suck so bad. I've got all these friends who either already have jobs or are gettin' interviewed for them. Stephanie said she got an interview for a job position at Mariposa. How cool! And Richardo just got hired at Cold Stones... so go visit him! Give him money and he'll sing. LoL.
    I don't really have other plans for today. I'm goin' to ColdStones around 4:30 or so to get some ice cream and to visit my dear best friend. Haha. Then takin my brother to his TKD class... then that's pretty much it. Saturday have to go to my cousin's 20th birthday party. And Kyle's coming over on Saturday too! Hehe!
    All right... well, I guess that's all for now. How exciting.

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