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Little Facts About Michelle
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Facts, facts, facts...

Full Name: Michelle Jacquet Branch
Nickname: Meech, Chelle
Birthday: July 2, 1983
Home: Sedona, AZ
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Dark dark brown, black
Family: Parents David and Peggy, an older brother, and younger sister Nicole
Best Friend: her bassist Jennifer Hagio
Pets: cats, named Winky and Gibson
Ethnicity: Dutch-Indonesian and French on her mother's side and Irish on her father's.
Instruments: Guitar, piano
Piercings: Ears
Tattoo: Blue 8th note on her left shoulder
Favorite Past-times: writing, swimming, rollerblading, anything music related, bowling
Personal Goals: To share my music with the world
Favorite Musician: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant
Favorite Album: Cat Tails (Lisa Loeb), Unlucky (Admiral Twin *They are pop geniuses*), SRGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts club, Band (The Beatles), Neon Ballroom (Silverchair)
Favorite Song: Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin)
Favorite Food: Pie and Ice Cream (does that count?)
Favorite Holiday Location: Moab, Utah
Favorite Color: Black, Blue
Favorite Guitar: I have a Gibson SG, it's from the 70's I'm guessing, but it's a mystery guitar. Nobody can figure out when it was made. I also have a Dan Electro 56-u3, and it's a great guitar! I have a couple acoustics, but my favorite guitar of all is my taylor 614 ce, it's blue.
Favorite Subject: Well, I really like arts, music, theatre, but as far as real subjects, probably history and literature...also photography
Least Favorite Subject: Math and science